Gold: $1946.60 - Platinum: $1030.00 as of: 5/30/2023

About Us

Our History

Fountain City Jewelers was established in 1999 by Mark Enix. Mark had a deep and pressing desire to help people acquire the precious mementos used to commemorate the special events in their lives. Since that time, our team has joined together and worked to establish Fountain City Jewelers as the premier jeweler in Knoxville for quality, integrity, and service with unparalleled value.

Mark is 2nd generation in the Jewelry industry and trained as a Certified Jeweler. He loves technology and uses the most innovative methods, such as, a laser welder, to repair and design jewelry. This allows us to handle a wide variety of detailed and intricate repairs and custom work. It also gives us the cutting edge when helping meet our customer’s needs.

Fountain City Jewelers is committed to educating our customers and supporting them in their search for the perfect jewelry item.